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How to Mow the Lawn

The best lawns are mowed by people who know what they're doing.  1. Set Your Mower High Set your mower at the highest preferred setting for your grass type and only cut the top 1/3 of the grass blades at any one time. True, this might mean you have to mow again after several days, but hear us out—it's worth it. Longer grass blades can grow and support more roots and develop a deeper root system that is better able to find water and nutrients in the soil. Scalping the lawn forces grass plants to focus their energy on regrowing their blades, not deepening their roots, plus it makes it more likely that weeds can muscle in. Taller grass blades shade the soil and...

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How to Use a Drill

This instructable will cover the necessary steps, from beginning to end, for using a cordless hand drill. Hand drills are one of the most commonly used tools in a workshop, so knowing how to safely operate one is necessary when it comes to prototyping and working on projects. Step 1: Select a Drill Bit Prior to selecting a drill bit, it is very important to determine the size and depth of the hole you are drilling. When doing work with screws, pilot holes are very important to prevent the wood from splitting. The diameter of the drill bit for the pilot hole should be the same as the diameter of your screw without the threads. If you plan on tapping...

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